Anchor has right-of-way agents on staff, allowing us to quickly and efficiently obtain solutions to any number of issues affecting the transportation aspect of production and development.  We have developed rapport in place with state, local, and federal agencies which allow us to hit the ground running so that when our clients are ready to begin the transport phase of their operations, they know without a doubt that they are within all guidelines.

Surface Usage/Surface Damages

Anchor has negotiated numerous types of well locations, and utilizes this experience to settle upon an agreement which is beneficial for all involved parties.  From drill-site location damages, to contracts for drilling water, as well as waste disposal and storage sites, we make it a priority to visit the land owners on the proposed drill-site to establish a solid foundation for future dealings.  Additionally, we make sure to establish relationships with adjacent owners to lay the groundwork for any necessary future easement acquisition or step-out drilling.

Wellsite Inspections

In the event of questionable production when it comes to the perpetuation of a targeted asset/leasehold/play, our team has professionals ready to physically inspect a wellsite for evidence of production.  Our inspectors are well-versed in knowing exactly what to look for in determining whether a well is still producing or, at the minimum, capable of production.  These findings will be reported back to the client in a clear and concise way so as to alleviate any issues which may arise from a cessation vs. perpetuation question.


Anchor delivers a deep knowledge and peace of mind when it comes to our clients’ seismic permitting needs.  Expertise and experience are key in today’s complexities of communication and negotiation, whether it be with private landowners or governmental agencies.  Let Anchor provide its expert knowledge in securing your 2D and 3D seismic permitting for all of your land acquisition needs.  Think permitting-Think Anchor.

Regulatory Mineral Acquisition