Anchor has former Regulatory Analysts on staff, allowing us to effectively maintain our clients’ working relationship with all regulatory bodies across the major basins, including but not limited to the Oklahoma Corporation Commission (OCC), the Texas Railroad Commission (TRC), the Wyoming Oil & Gas Conservation Commission (WOGCC), and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM).  We also have numerous land professionals on staff which have an abundance of experience dealing with the Bureau of Indian Affairs (BIA).  When dealing with regulatory, days and sometimes hours matter, so allow us to get all of your forms filed correctly and timely.  Our in-house database can keep track of our clients’ drilling/completion/tax-eligibility status schedules to ensure that your firm is getting everything required filed in a timely manner.

Our services also include the creation and maintenance of Commission applications, e.g. pooling/spacing/increased density etc.  Our experienced landmen pride themselves on staying on top of current state procedures and regulations as relates to expert testimony, locating respondents, and drafting applications correctly the first time.

Curative Surface/Right-of-Way