Due Diligence

If you are engaging in a new joint venture, asset sale/purchase, performing an internal audit, land data clean-up, negotiating a merger, farm-out, or a secured line of credit, Anchor has the experience and talent necessary to ensure a thorough review of all available records.  Our team will identify potential defects and recommend accurate, cost-effective solutions.

Our due diligence team understands that when their skills are required, time is of the utmost importance, and makes every effort to complete the project ahead of schedule.

Some of the due diligence services provided by Anchor are:

  • Mineral and leasehold confirmation
  • WI, NRI, ORRI review
  • Title and leasehold defect identification and resolution
  • Encumbrance review
  • Well/production research
  • HBP/Continuous development analysis
  • Depth restrictions/Pugh Clause/other OGL provision analysis
Lease Acquisition Title Opinions